Friday, September 26, 2014

World of Warcraft: Lords of War Part 5 Maraad


Blizzard released last part of Lords of War and this time we learn the rather sad story of Vindicator Maraad. I feel bad for him now due to what he lived thorugh.

He insists Varian to seal the war order against the Iron Horde. Varian asks why he is so bloodthirsty like the enemy he told about. Then, he started telling what happened to Varian in the invasion of Shattrath by crazed fel orcs. We see resident Draenei's slaughtered by the orcs, Shattrath destroyed and Maraad was ordered to take the last group of refugees to the safety. However, when he saw orcs on the way to safety, he left the unarmed refugees to take care themselves and attacked the orcs. After killing the orcs, he went to the path he told was safe to the refugees to join them but instead he found the bodies of them scattered around. He regrets what he did at that time, carries the burden of forsaking them. Finally, he tells that Varian must seal the order to prevent all those things he told happened in Shattrath back then. Varian seals the order and the video ends with Varian calling the heroes of Azeroth to arms against Iron Horde.

"Azeroth needs its heroes now... more than ever!" - Varian Wrynn

I'm pumped, don't you?