Saturday, September 20, 2014

World of Warcraft: Lords of War Part 4 Kilrogg


Lords of War Part 4 has been released. On this episode, Maraad tells the story of Kilrogg Deadeye, the chieftain of Bleeding Hollow clan. This one is the longest among the released videos and I believe it covers so much more than the previous ones. We see that the whole clan was terrified by the Arakkoa threat (this is pathetic) and ordered to not to leave their refuge by old chieftain. Kilrogg is challenged by his father to see his own death. He performs the sacred ritual which is a custom for the ones that will one day become chieftain of Bleeding Hollow clan. He must sacrifice one of his eyes to see his death. However, it seems ritual sometimes shows much more than just the death of the person and Kilrogg see his future. Finally, he gets back to his father's side and kills him and says that he was not the part of the future he saw. Dunno why there are so much gory in orc stories. Is it really cool, appealing? Do you get pumped?

And releasing Deadeye's story on Pirates Day? Nice move Blizzard, nice move indeed. :)