Sunday, August 31, 2014

Update! Kickstarter Campaign : Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries Funded & Physical Add-ons revealed!


Remember when I wrote about Kickstarter campaign of Woolfe? Well, its Kickstarter campaign has just met the goal. As a reward, all backers will receive a Woolfe tabletop fantasy RPG in PDF format! However, there will be no figurines - there could be paper ones though - but a Game Master guide, character sheets and templates for dungeons and maps included in the PDF.

Originally, the campaign didn't feature any physical rewards in the pledge tiers. Developers simple didn't want to spend part of $50K to physical stuff, so they promised to prepare physical add-ons when campaign reached its goal. Now, the goal is reached, they revealed the physical stuff.

Poster set

This 4 poster set that costs $32 (Says shipping included but dunno if this is international shipping). Three of the posters are familiar since they are featured on the campaign page before. 4th one is a backer exclusive toy soldier poster that will be signed by the Woolfe team. It would be great if we could get the poster of our own creation.

Hardcover Artbook

Originally, the artbook was available only on digital form in the pledge tiers $30 and up. Now, it is available in shiny 80+ pages physical form which includes soncept art, character back-stories, level design sketches, character and environement renders and story extracts, selected fan arts. This will cost you $39 with shipping.

Boxed Version of the Game

This one includes the DRM-free version of the game (PC DVD) and the soundtrack (CD). It costs $39 with shipping. I find this pricing weird compared to the cost of the hardcover artbook. I believe printing artbook should cost more than producing a simple boxed game.

Deluxe Boxed Version of the Game

This one is my favorite but it costs way too much. $120 with shipping!!!!! A gorgeous 3D printed outer sleeve to the boxed set is featured in the deluxe boxed version with the same boxed version with a game DVD and soundtrack CD. I mean look at how beautiful the printed sleeve is.

I can't seem to choose which one to get. Posters looks neat, artbook is tempting and that deluxe boxed version of the game is just so precious. There is only 4 days left until the end of the campaign. I need to decide soon. What would you choose from those physical add-ons? Or would you let it go?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Channel Update!!! Max Curse of the Brotherhood PC Walkthrough Part 2 with All Evil Eyes & ...


I've just released part 2 of Max: Curse of the Brotherhood
Walkthrough. I continue with Chapter 1-4 Black Rock Canyon and Chapter 1-5 The Crossing. This game quickly becoming a favorite.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Channel Update!!! New Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas video is up! Frostwyrm Lair


I've just posted latest episode of Vambran's Curse of Naxxramas Adventures. In this episode, Vambran clears Frostwyrm Lair. Enjoy!

Update! Kickstarter Campaign : Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Ending soon & Game Stretch goals


This might be last update on this Kickstarter campaign! Currently, less than $1k is needed to hit the Voice Acting stretch goal and only 4 hours left of the campaign's end. I will be a one happy girl when this goal is reached.

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - Frostwyrm Quarter is now live!


The Frostwyrm Quarter is now available and we now have new bosses and new class challenges!! This is the last quarter that is unlocked in the Curse of Naxxramas expansion.

Our guest player Vambran played and recorded his gameplay of the new quarter and it is now available on EmrianaPlays channel. The new Class Challenge video will be available soon on the same channel.

Bosses & Rewards

There are only two new bosses in this quarter.  The first boss is Sapphiron. Defeating Sapphiron rewards 2x Echoing Ooze cards. Actually, we have already seen this card used by Vambran in his earlier Curse of Naxxramas videos but this time it will be added to his collection of cards.

Echoing Ooze: Battlecry: Summon an exact copy of this minion at the end of the turn.

Kel'thuzad is the second boss in Frostwyrm Quarter and defeating him rewards 2x Shade of Naxxramas cards.

Shade of Naxxramas: Stealth: At the start of your turn, gain +1/+1.

Finally,  Legendary card Kel'thuzad is rewarded  when Frostwyrm Quarter is cleaned.

Kel'thuzad: At the end of the turn, summon all friendly minions that died this turn.

Class Challenge

Unlike the previous quarters, there is only one Class Challenge unlocked with this quarter. Paladin class challenge is available now and the gameplay will be available soon on  EmrianaPlays channel.

Good luck and have fun!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Update! Kickstarter Campaign : Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Game Strech goals & WIP Gameplay Video

Jenny LeClue broke art upgrade stretch goal and close to breaking translations stretch goal with 3 more days to go. I totally wanted to see the voice acting goal is reached, but it seems like it won't be possible in the remaining time of the campaign.

A new work in progress pre-alpha prototype gameplay video of sorts is shared today on Kickstarter page. I really like it when a WIP video like this is shared. These videos let us see glimpses of how the games are designed.

Jenny LeClue - Early Prototype Gameplay from Joe Russ on Vimeo.

Channel Update!!! New Walkthrough series Max: The Curse of Brotherhood


I've just started a new series for Max: Curse of Brotherhood. I started this as a playthrough but then decided to turn it into a walkthrough since the game is also keeping track of all the evil eyes and secrets. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Channel Update!!! New Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas video is up!


I've just posted latest episode of Vambran's Curse of Naxxramas Adventures. In this episode, Vambran completes Warrior and Priest Challenges. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

World of Warcraft : Warlords of Draenor - Cinematic trailer and release date is now revealed!

O. M. G!

WoD expansion is gonna be released on 11.13.14. Mark the date! I'm so excited to play this expansion after watching the cinematic trailer and the first episode of Lords of War.

Such an amazing trailer! There isn't enough words to describe the awesomeness of this trailer. Blizzard should make WoW movie themselves with this cinematic team. The details are crazy! Did you notice the camera position in the Mannoroth's death scene? It is the same with Warcraft III where Grom Hellscream killed him. They even take this into account to re-enact the same moment in the same exact position just to make us remember that we are definitely in the past.

Oh and there is this Lords of War mini series which tells the story of the Orc clans. The first episode is about how Shattered Hand clan emerged. It was good. I felt the pain each time Kargath's nail is broken or when he shattered his hand to release himself from the chains.

One more video is shown on the event. This one shows in game footage of the zones, garrisons of both Horde and Alliance, dungeons and raids. I guess there is an arena type (ToC anyone?) raid in the expansion according to the footage. The most disturbing scene in the video for me was seeing Leeroy lying dead on the floor.

Good job Blizz. You made me wanna play this game again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - Construct Quarter is now live!

The Construct Quarter is now available and we now have new bosses and new class challenges!! There is only Frostwyrm Lair is left to be unlocked.

Our guest player Vambran is currently playing the new quarter and his Construct Quarter video will be available soon on EmrianaPlays channel. To watch Vambran's Military Quarter video click here. Also Druid and Rogue Class challenges are available on the same channel.

Bosses & Rewards

There are four new bosses in this quarter.  The first boss is Patchwerk. Defeating Patchwerk rewards 2x Undertaker cards.

Undertaker: Whenever you summon a minion with Deathrattle, gain +1/+1

Grobullus is the second boss in Construct Quarter and defeating it rewards 2x Mad Scientist cards.

Mad Scientist: Deathrattle: Put a secret from your deck into the battlefield.

The third boss is Gluth. 2x Zombie Chow is rewarded for defeating Gluth.

Zombie Chow: Deathrattle: Restore 5 health to the enemy hero. 

The last boss is Thaddius and the reward for defeating Thaddius is 2x Wailing Soul cards.

Wailing Soul: Battlecry: Silence your other minions.

Finally,  Legendary cards Feugen and Stalagg are rewarded when Construct Quarter is cleaned. Feugen and Stalagg need to be played in the same game and both have to die in the same game to trigger their Deathrattle.

Feugen: If Stalagg also died this game, summon Thaddius.

Stalagg: If Feugen also died this game, summon Thaddius.

Class Challenges

As in the previous quarters, two new class challenges are unlocked. Warrior and Priest class challenges are available now.

Good luck and have fun!

Monday, August 11, 2014

World of Warcraft : Warlords of Draenor - Cinematic trailer and release date will be revealed soon!


I am super-excited! World of Warcraft's 5th expansion pack Warlord of Draenor's cinematic trailer and the release date will be revealed this Thursday. Also, a new mini series named Lords of War will debut at the same day. I guess this mini series will resemble Pandaria lore mini series in style and give insight to the relationships of Orc clans with each other and with the other races in Draenor.

Official World of Warcraft Twitter account has started sharing teaser pictures today.

This one is from the cinematic trailer I believe

and following from the new mini-lore series.
Don't forget that you can watch it on Thursday, August 14 at 9:30 a.m. PDT on via live stream if you are not residing near to the Theater at Ace Hotel in L.A.

Everyone visiting the theater will receive a beta key to Warlords of Draenor also.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Successfully Funded!!!! Kickstarter Campaign: Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Game


Jenny LeClue campaing is now funded and there is still 13 more days to go. I'm so happy that the campaign is a success. Though, I have to wait until Winter '15.

Since the initial goal is reached, new goals added. I really want to see $100,000 tier is unlocked. I believe that game becomes more captivative when each character has their own voice. I'm not sure if the campaign would be successful enough to unlock Episode Two goal. Time will tell. Crossing my fingers.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kickstarter Campaign: Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries


When I first seen Woolfe's trailer on E3, I was thrilled. I really like it when gaming industry twists fairy tales to create new stories.


Today, I realized that a Kickstarter campaign for the game has just been started. Campaign is created for adding an additional gameplay feature: magic. Developers want to give magical abilities to Red Riding Hood. This way Red Riding Hood will be able to use magic in combats and puzzle solving instead of only swinging her axe to kill enemies.

One of the most anticipated part of the campaign for me is that every backer will be able to access Online Toy Soldier Editior and create and edit their own enemy on the game. This way each toy soldier(Woolfe's army) in the game will be created by different backers. That means you can encounter your own game character in the game. Also, when your toy soldier engages in battle whether it kills Red Riding Hood or gets killed, it will gain skill points. You can then use these skill points to upgrade your toy soldier. As a result of this, the game will become harder to beat in time since everyone will upgrade their toy soldiers and this will be reflected to your game. I really like this idea. This is innovative.

I'm so excited to see this game on Kickstarter and the quick support it gained in just two days. It's already been 45% funded in two days.


Red Riding Hood's father was working as lead engineer for Woolfe Industries. He dies in a work accident four years ago. Coming in terms with the loss of her father, Red Riding Hood now decides to find out what really happened to his father. She leaves grandma's and travels to city to face with Big Bad Woolfe who is the CEO of Woolfe Industries and the vicious ruler of the city.

There will be four zones in the game. The City, The Forest, The Mines and The Factory.


This game features 2.5D graphics. Even though the game is a sidescroller (2D), it features 3D world exploration and puzzles hence 2.5D graphics. American McGee's Alice comes to my mind when I look at the environment and characters. Dark, gothic and steampunk elements are vastly used to give the twisted atmosphere of the game.

Woolfe team shared a level design video which shows the game without the graphics on their Youtube account.


There is this pre-alpha gameplay teaser on Youtube. When I watched it, I realized the huge similarity to Trine in gameplay. I hope they add some of their own flavor to the gameplay mechanics. However, this is just pre-alpha footage and not a demo. Everything might change until the release.

Supported Platforms:

Initially it will be released on PC via Steam since they've been already greenlit by the community. Then, it will be released on consoles. Unreal 3 engine is used in the development of this game so it is impossible to have a Linux version. Also, MAC version might not even be released if it gives too much trouble in the testing.

According to the Kickstarter page, they will try to give backers console copies too if it's possible. I'd say don't cross your fingers at all.

When the game is planned to be released?

I'm pleased with the timeline if they can stick with it.

The game is planned to enter Closed Beta phase next month. Then, the PC release comes in first quarter of 2015. Console release is finally on the second quarter of 2015.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kickstarter Campaign : Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Game


Today, I stumbled upon a Kickstarter campaign in the Video Games category called: Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Game. The thumbnail was so attractive, I gave it click. The game is planned to be an episodic trilogy but the current campaign on Kickstarter is created only for the first episode. The campaign received more than 2k backers and currently 86% funded (16 days left). You can watch the trailer below:



The game features a female protagonist called Jenny LeClue :) Actually, she is a character in a book which is currently being written by author Arthur K. Finklestien.

Jenny lives in a town called Arthurton. Nothing interesting hapens on this boring town. However, one day Dean Straussberry of Gumbolt University is murdered. The evidence points to Jenny's mother, so Jenny decides to solve this case and realizes that nothing is what it seems. While investigating, Jenny finds out that Arthurton is filled with dark secrets.


My weak point on any games is the graphic style. If I don't like the graphics, then that game can't get into my list of the games I should play. With Jenny LeClue, I can totally say that I'm in love with the cartoon like graphics. It's attractive. Look at how cute is Jenny with her baby blue trenchcoat.


We still don't have a demo yet. Thus, all I can write about the gameplay is what is promised by the Kickstarter page.

The game is introduced as a 2D exploration based choose your own adventure game. As in the Wolf Among Us, the choices we make in Jenny LeClue impact the game. Since it's a exploration based game, we will be able to explore places like graveyard, police station, misty mountains and abandoned mines in Arthurton.  Kickstarter page also promises a interactive gameplay via dialogs with the Arthurton inhabitants, you can check the person out for clues even on themselves.

Supported Platforms:

Initially planned to be released on PC / MAC / Linux. An iOS release is also planned after the release on the desktop platforms. Also consoles are considered too.

The game is on the Steam Greenlight voting at the moment and it seems to be greenlit soon at this rate. Click here to vote for Jenny on Steam.






When the game is planned to be released?

Alpha is planned for Spring '15 and game launch is planned for Winter '15!!!! :( After seeing the trailer and reading through the Kickstarter page, I just can't wait that long. They need to make it happen sooner than the planned dates!