Friday, March 20, 2015

Heroes of the Storm: XP Boost Event


There soon be a new patch for Heroes of the Storm which will bring Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Team League, Tomb of the Spider Queen, UI updates and bonus gold. To celebrate the coming of the new patch, Blizzard is hosting a XP boost event in EU region between March 21 12:01 AM CET and March 29 11:59 PM CET. During this event all heroes will receive 25% boost to XP gain. This boost will also stack with Stimpacks. Next patch will remove Dire Wolf and Cyber Wolf mounts while it brings back Magic Carpet and Lunar Tiger mounts. If you want to add Dire Wolf and Cyber Wolf mounts to your collection, be quick and grab them from in-game store before it's too late.

Heroes of the Storm: Weekly Sale March 18 - 23, 2015


Since the start of the closed beta of Heroes of the Storm, in-game store offers weekly sales for real money. It offers deep discounts on the selected items. Weekly sales normally starts on Mondays and stays for seven days but this week there is an exception. This week's weekly sale is gonna be offered for 5 days. This week's weekly sale offers 50% discount. This week's weekly sale is offering Tyrael and Seraphim Skin for Tyrael. There is also Spectre Skin for Illidan on sale. Prices for this week's weekly sale for different regions can be seen below.

Tyrael 4.24 USD 4.19 EUR 3.19 GBP
Seraphim Tyrael Skin 3.74 USD 3.69 EUR 2.70 GBP
Spectre Illidan Skin 4.99 USD 4.99 EUR 3.69 GBP

Heroes of the Dorm - A Heroes of the Storm Tournament for College Students


Another day another awesomeness from Blizzard. I really like the idea of giving free college chance to college students.

Blizzard is hosting a Heroes of the Storm tournament exclusive to US and Canada college students. The champion team of the tournament will received college tuition for 3 years up to $75000 USD per player. If the player is a fourth year student, then he/she will receive $25000 USD to pay back college expenses. Top 4 teams' players will receive custom gaming rigs. Specifications of these gaming rigs are:

Epic Gaming System for Heroes of the Storm:
Intel i7-4790K CPU
GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 Motherboard
GIGABYTE GTX 960 series Graphic Card
Intel 530 Series 180 GB SSD
8GB (4x2) 2133 MHz DDR3 Memory
Rosewill Star Predator Case
Rosewill PSU: Arc 750
Hyper X Cloud II Headset
StellSeries Heroes of the Storm Mousepad

Top 64 teams will earn $40 Balance Card. All teams will receive Heroes of the Storm Beta Access for free of charge along with a special Heroes of the Dorm in-game portrait to show off their participation in the tournament.

Even if you are not a college student, you still have a chance to participate in this tournament by supporting your favorite school team with your predictions. You need to fill out Fantasy Bracket starting from March 27th to participate in the predicitons. Top 64 teams will be announced on April 3rd. That is when you can create and share your Fantasy Bracket. All participants of Fantasy Bracket will receive exclusive in-game Azmodan portrait and the top 5 predictions will receive following prizes.

Epic Gaming System for Heroes of the Storm
Hyper X Cloud II Headset
StellSeries Heroes of the Storm Mousepad
Top prediction will also receive $10000 USD

They will also randomly pick 25 participants from the Fantasy Bracket and reward them with one of the following prizes.

Epic Gaming System for Heroes of the Storm
Hyper X Cloud II Headset
StellSeries Heroes of the Storm Mousepad
$20 USD Balance Card

Too bad it's only for US and Canada but I'm really happy for that lucky guys/gals. If you are a college student who like playing MOBA, then why not give it a chance? Maybe you would be the winner. Good luck and have fun!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Adventure Blackrock Mountain for Hearthstone is announced!


Hearthstone guys came up with a new adventure and it is soon to be released. The new adventure for Hearthstone has been announced at PAX East. This time the adventure brings dragons, dwarves and elementals to Hearthstone.

Blackrock Mountain will have five wings. these wings will be available over the course of 5 weeks. The first wing to be released is Blackrock Depths. Each wing has bosses that have unique set of cards which can be earned by defeating them. Defeating all of the bosses in those five wings will unlock the heroic mode of the adventure. If you can defeat all the bosses in the heroic mode, a new card back will be rewarded.

Blackrock Mountain adventure brings back the class challenges. There will be a total of nine new class challenges which will reward class specific cards when you finally defeat them. There are a total of new 31 cards added to Hearthstone with the Blackrock Mountain adventure. When the wings become available, the new cards associated with them will be available to select in arena mode even if you have not collect them yet. Also, there is a new game board reflecting the environment of Blackrock Mountain is added to the game. It will be added to the arena and play mode rotations.

Each wing can be purchases with in-game gold or real money. The prices is the same with the previous adventure Naxxramas. It is either 700 gold or $6.99. You can also buy the whole adventure with Blackrock Bundle which will be advantageous then buying the wings separately due to discounts. It's $24.99 for all five wings. The pre-ordering for the Blackrock Mountain adventure will be available on March 19th. Pre-ordering the adventure rewards a new cardback but it is only available to pre-purchases with real money. 

Blackrock Adventure will be released on all platforms (PC, MAC, iPad, Android) simultaneously in April.

Friday, March 6, 2015

World of Warcraft: Blood and Thunder - New Free World of Warcraft Comic

This time the comic is about the past of Warchief of Thunderlord Clan, Fenris Wolfbrother, The Iron Wolf. We look back 20 years from the formation of Iron Horde and witness the choices the heir of the Frostwolf Clan has taken and the consequences of them.

Click below image to access the comic.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dragon Age Inquisition: Tavern Songs Official Download for a limited time


Bard songs that can be listened in Skyhold's tavern is now available as a free download on Dragon Age's webpage. Note that free download is for a limited time and for desktop computers not for mobiles. This offer will end on 9 February, 2015 and the soundtrack will become available to purchase on digital platforms later on. Click image above to download from the official link.

The sheet music for each track is also given. If you have the musical intrument skills, you can play the songs and submit it to the Fan Celebration Contest for a chance to win prizes like Xbox One Console, Dragon Age t-shirt, poster signed by Dev Team, etc.

Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries: Release Date, Trailer and Steam Early Access


Woolfe finally has a release date. It will be released March 17, but you don't need to wait until that date since Volume 1 is now available on Steam Early Access. It will stay as an Early Access game until the official release. This time frame will help the developers to find out bugs that might have been missed during the alpha/beta. I really like the promise of a more polished game via usage of Steam Early Access system.

Kickstarter backers can get their Steam Early Access keys here. All you need to do is logging in with your Kickstarter e-mail and clicking Show Key button. During the Early Access phase final boss fight and the ending of the game will not be revealed to the players. The second volume of Woolfe is to be released on August 2015.