Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Adventure Blackrock Mountain for Hearthstone is announced!


Hearthstone guys came up with a new adventure and it is soon to be released. The new adventure for Hearthstone has been announced at PAX East. This time the adventure brings dragons, dwarves and elementals to Hearthstone.

Blackrock Mountain will have five wings. these wings will be available over the course of 5 weeks. The first wing to be released is Blackrock Depths. Each wing has bosses that have unique set of cards which can be earned by defeating them. Defeating all of the bosses in those five wings will unlock the heroic mode of the adventure. If you can defeat all the bosses in the heroic mode, a new card back will be rewarded.

Blackrock Mountain adventure brings back the class challenges. There will be a total of nine new class challenges which will reward class specific cards when you finally defeat them. There are a total of new 31 cards added to Hearthstone with the Blackrock Mountain adventure. When the wings become available, the new cards associated with them will be available to select in arena mode even if you have not collect them yet. Also, there is a new game board reflecting the environment of Blackrock Mountain is added to the game. It will be added to the arena and play mode rotations.

Each wing can be purchases with in-game gold or real money. The prices is the same with the previous adventure Naxxramas. It is either 700 gold or $6.99. You can also buy the whole adventure with Blackrock Bundle which will be advantageous then buying the wings separately due to discounts. It's $24.99 for all five wings. The pre-ordering for the Blackrock Mountain adventure will be available on March 19th. Pre-ordering the adventure rewards a new cardback but it is only available to pre-purchases with real money. 

Blackrock Adventure will be released on all platforms (PC, MAC, iPad, Android) simultaneously in April.