Friday, March 20, 2015

Heroes of the Storm: Weekly Sale March 18 - 23, 2015


Since the start of the closed beta of Heroes of the Storm, in-game store offers weekly sales for real money. It offers deep discounts on the selected items. Weekly sales normally starts on Mondays and stays for seven days but this week there is an exception. This week's weekly sale is gonna be offered for 5 days. This week's weekly sale offers 50% discount. This week's weekly sale is offering Tyrael and Seraphim Skin for Tyrael. There is also Spectre Skin for Illidan on sale. Prices for this week's weekly sale for different regions can be seen below.

Tyrael 4.24 USD 4.19 EUR 3.19 GBP
Seraphim Tyrael Skin 3.74 USD 3.69 EUR 2.70 GBP
Spectre Illidan Skin 4.99 USD 4.99 EUR 3.69 GBP