Sunday, August 31, 2014

Update! Kickstarter Campaign : Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries Funded & Physical Add-ons revealed!


Remember when I wrote about Kickstarter campaign of Woolfe? Well, its Kickstarter campaign has just met the goal. As a reward, all backers will receive a Woolfe tabletop fantasy RPG in PDF format! However, there will be no figurines - there could be paper ones though - but a Game Master guide, character sheets and templates for dungeons and maps included in the PDF.

Originally, the campaign didn't feature any physical rewards in the pledge tiers. Developers simple didn't want to spend part of $50K to physical stuff, so they promised to prepare physical add-ons when campaign reached its goal. Now, the goal is reached, they revealed the physical stuff.

Poster set

This 4 poster set that costs $32 (Says shipping included but dunno if this is international shipping). Three of the posters are familiar since they are featured on the campaign page before. 4th one is a backer exclusive toy soldier poster that will be signed by the Woolfe team. It would be great if we could get the poster of our own creation.

Hardcover Artbook

Originally, the artbook was available only on digital form in the pledge tiers $30 and up. Now, it is available in shiny 80+ pages physical form which includes soncept art, character back-stories, level design sketches, character and environement renders and story extracts, selected fan arts. This will cost you $39 with shipping.

Boxed Version of the Game

This one includes the DRM-free version of the game (PC DVD) and the soundtrack (CD). It costs $39 with shipping. I find this pricing weird compared to the cost of the hardcover artbook. I believe printing artbook should cost more than producing a simple boxed game.

Deluxe Boxed Version of the Game

This one is my favorite but it costs way too much. $120 with shipping!!!!! A gorgeous 3D printed outer sleeve to the boxed set is featured in the deluxe boxed version with the same boxed version with a game DVD and soundtrack CD. I mean look at how beautiful the printed sleeve is.

I can't seem to choose which one to get. Posters looks neat, artbook is tempting and that deluxe boxed version of the game is just so precious. There is only 4 days left until the end of the campaign. I need to decide soon. What would you choose from those physical add-ons? Or would you let it go?