Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kickstarter Campaign : Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Game


Today, I stumbled upon a Kickstarter campaign in the Video Games category called: Jenny LeClue - A Handmade Adventure Game. The thumbnail was so attractive, I gave it click. The game is planned to be an episodic trilogy but the current campaign on Kickstarter is created only for the first episode. The campaign received more than 2k backers and currently 86% funded (16 days left). You can watch the trailer below:



The game features a female protagonist called Jenny LeClue :) Actually, she is a character in a book which is currently being written by author Arthur K. Finklestien.

Jenny lives in a town called Arthurton. Nothing interesting hapens on this boring town. However, one day Dean Straussberry of Gumbolt University is murdered. The evidence points to Jenny's mother, so Jenny decides to solve this case and realizes that nothing is what it seems. While investigating, Jenny finds out that Arthurton is filled with dark secrets.


My weak point on any games is the graphic style. If I don't like the graphics, then that game can't get into my list of the games I should play. With Jenny LeClue, I can totally say that I'm in love with the cartoon like graphics. It's attractive. Look at how cute is Jenny with her baby blue trenchcoat.


We still don't have a demo yet. Thus, all I can write about the gameplay is what is promised by the Kickstarter page.

The game is introduced as a 2D exploration based choose your own adventure game. As in the Wolf Among Us, the choices we make in Jenny LeClue impact the game. Since it's a exploration based game, we will be able to explore places like graveyard, police station, misty mountains and abandoned mines in Arthurton.  Kickstarter page also promises a interactive gameplay via dialogs with the Arthurton inhabitants, you can check the person out for clues even on themselves.

Supported Platforms:

Initially planned to be released on PC / MAC / Linux. An iOS release is also planned after the release on the desktop platforms. Also consoles are considered too.

The game is on the Steam Greenlight voting at the moment and it seems to be greenlit soon at this rate. Click here to vote for Jenny on Steam.






When the game is planned to be released?

Alpha is planned for Spring '15 and game launch is planned for Winter '15!!!! :( After seeing the trailer and reading through the Kickstarter page, I just can't wait that long. They need to make it happen sooner than the planned dates!