Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Halloween Sales & Free Games

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here and what it means for us gamers is sales. They are here. Steam has launched its annual Halloween Sale which will be around until November 3 and both horror and non-horror titles are offered.

HumbleBundle is hosting a Halloween Horror sale which only offers horror games during this weekend.
GOG is featuring Halloween Horrors sale this weekend also. However, the number of the games offered in this sale is lesser than the previous options.
While Halloween Sales are ongoing, HumbleBundle is giving away one Steam copy of Teleglitch: Die More Edition, a couple of Android games and two PAYDAY 2 masks today. Clicking each image below will direct you to it's link. Just scroll down in the opened page and you're ready to get your free game. Don't forget to redeem Teleglitch: Die More Edition until 11/25 since it's only redeemable till that day on Steam.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition
Android Games

PAYDAY 2 Masks